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And now he is a cup bearer! Karma, baby! Simon falls through the dirt quite a ways, into another tunnel. Somehow an ember of one of his torches survives, so he can see that the shiny thing he chased was a belt buckle what a prize! He tries to dig back up the way he came, but causes landslides.

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Then the bukken come after him, six of them. He fights them off, then scrambles deeper into the tunnels. Of the hundred men who came with him, a little more than two score remain. The Norns had retreated into the inner castle. The Norns had established their defenses by the means of what sounded, when Jiriki described it to him, like pure magic. Until the magic was understood and the shadows untangled, the castle would not fall. She believes she is dead and walking amongst the gods. Jiriki awakens Eolair and calls him to council with Likimeya and other Sithi. They want to know if Naglimund has secrets.

Since Zinjadu the lore-master was slain, a Sithi called Kuroyi gives Eolair background. He asks if there is a Witness like the Shard in Naglimund. That is, many of the effects are there — in fact sometimes these places exhibit more powerful results that any Witness — but no object can be found which is responsible.

Since we first came to this land long ago, we have studied such places, thinking they might answer questions we have about the Witnesses and why they do what they do, about Death itself even about the Unbeing that made us flee our native land and come here. There is a lot to digest in this paragraph. Witnesses with no objects could be like ley lines lines of power that criss cross the land.

And what does this have to do with Death? He is an evil and vengeful dream, one that possesses all the craftiness that the Storm King had in life, as well as knowledge of the ultimate darkness no living thing has ever had…but he is only a dream, for all of that. Trust that I speak truly. So he is not a thing, Eolair, with an existence in this world.

Josua and company are fighting at a pass held by Benigaris brother Varellan. Camaris is, of course, the star.

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The two chapters are somewhat tied together; in the earlier chapter, a very young Simon is escaping up through the tunnels, and is encountering what he feels are old ghosts of a Hayholt time long ago. Simon wanders about, chasing voices, getting thirsty. He finds a pool which he thinks is water, but his torch lights it on fire. He shreds his shirt, dipping them in the oil to save them so he will have light later. He decides to keeps going left, finds some moss to eat yummy! All throughout, he finds marks of the Sithi who lived in the Hayholt before — their writings on the wall.

He walks through a hallway with waterfalls on either side, yet when he throws his shirt out to capture some of the water, when he pulls it in, the water is dust. He starts seeing Sithi, starting with a woman. Is he hallucinating? Go back and live. Yet he gets part way up and finds them unpassable, damaged due to falling rocks. He finally finds water, and sleeps. When he wakes, he sees a figure with antlers on its head remember the drawing Simon had at the beginning, from one of Morgenes books if I recall. So much sorrow.

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The vision recedes and Simon rises to venture on. Miri had copied the maps that Count Eolair brought, and, since she saw Simon emerge from the tunnels recall, he thought she was a ghost , she believes they can find an entrance to a tunnel. A quick cut to Rachael the Dragon, who gets misty eyed thinking of Simon, and worries about Guthwulf. She makes plans to go and find him. Miri and Binabik cannot find the tunnel Simon came out of. That night they look at the maps for another entrance, and find that there is a tunnel that comes out somewhere in the town of Erchester.

They disguise themselves Binabik as a child?!? The church is occupied by a pastor and some homeless people. The pastor is quite mad and preaches to ravens the pastor turns out to be Bishop Domitis. After he passes out preaching to Ravens is hard work , they find the entrance to the catacombs, and thence the tunnels. They are still followed shades of Gollum; is it Cadrach? He thinks it is an illusion of course it is the food Rachael left for Guthwulf. After several false starts, he takes the food and resumes his trek in the tunnels.

Could this be the Pool of Three Depths, mentioned most recently in Chapter 13? After this encounter he hears more voices. Soon all will be ready. When the lights finally die down, he thinks he may be blind. He moves on, then see a bit of light through a crack. He makes his way to the crack, climbs up and into a storeroom…where he can see the sky. He sleeps and dreams of Morgenes, who also tells him to go deeper.

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The dream road is trying to tell Simon something. She will show you things, both in the ground and far above it. Simon stood uncertainly in the shadows outside Green Angel Tower. It was not just that he was an outlaw in his childhood home, although that was disconcerting enough; there was also something strange in the air that he could not name, but which he nevertheless could sense quite clearly.

The maddening slipperiness of the world belowground had somehow seeped up into the everyday stones of the castle itself. When he tilted his head to one side, he could almost see the buildings ripple and change at the edge of his sight. Faint blurs of light, like phantom flames, seemed to flicker along the edges of walls, then quickly vanish. He also spies a company of horsemen heading out of the Hayholt, with Pryrates in their midst. Simon entertains the idea of trying to kill Pryrates, but is worried about capture. Since Pryrates is gone, he assumes Bright Nail must be hidden in Pryrates rooms who would take it if not the sorcerer?

He climbs up through the levels, searching, and ends up in the room with the red windows. Benigaris brother surrenders to Camaris not to Josua, not to a foreign army who then frees the men if they will fight with him to free Nabban. Tiamak then interrupts Josua to tell him Vorzheva is giving birth. Count Eolair, Isorn and their remaining men join the final charge into the keep at Naglimund, fighting Norns, giants and all sorts of wonderful creatures.

When awakened, Isorn says he was following Maegwin, who should not have been part of the battle. Eolair goes back to search for her, and finds her curled up in the snow, barely breathing. The Sithi find Maegwin close to death. Jiriki tells Eolair that the Red Hand have sealed the inner keep to where the Norns cannot get out but Jiriki and his people cannot get in. Eolair says that he will not go to the Hayholt, that he will take Maegwin back to her home.

Duke Isgrimnur gets out of bed from his injuries to see them. He will be given another name. He will never have a throne, but kingdoms will rise and fall by his hand. Like it was cursed. And then I was given…the other one. Pryrates says for the best. But it is inside me like my own blood, this sorcerous thing. It sings to me all through the night hours. Even in the daytime it is like a demon crouched beside me. Cursed blade!

The King, convinced Simon knows nothing, lets him go and tells him to find his cupbearer. Simon slowly slides out, dashes down the stairs, out the door…straight into the hands of Norns. Segue to Rachael, who is in the tunnels looking for Guthwulf but is having to dodge patrols of soldiers. Thinking Guthwulf has returned, she refills the water and goes back to her hiding place. Simon is disarmed he briefly considers suicide, remembers it is an Aedonite sin, and that he has no weapons and taken deep under the Hayholt and thrown into a cage with a deep hole, inside some sort of cavern.

Chapter Cunning as Time — Miri and Binabik are in the tunnels, with Miri feeling guilty about the way she has treated Simon. She also wonders about the Sithi and Ineluki, and whether the Storm King is truly bad or not.

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Binabik nodded. I was really rooting for Maegwin throughout the series, even after her descent into madness, and felt that she and Eolair deserved their happy ending more than Simon and Miramele. Though the series was over and the reader was able to glimpse the world a year after the final battle, I was still extremely interested in Osten Ard. After all, Aditu gave such a curious prophecy concerning them!

I want to know more and I am hoping for another series where this question is answered! Plus, I would love to revisit the world of Osten Ard all over again. Tags: book reviews , books , fantasy books. Toggle navigation. Like this: Like Loading Related Posts Same Genre.

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