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Without him, this book wouldn t be nearly as good. I am grateful to Mary James, our former acquisitions editor, who contacted me about writing a book on Spring but listened to my ideas that formed the basis of this book. Without her support and guidance, this book wouldn t have become a reality. No words would be enough to thank Adaobi Obi Tulton, who patiently worked on all the details while keeping most of the schedule stresses away from us.

Thanks, also, to Reza Rahman for all his encouragement. I must thank three important people who had a huge impact on where I am in my professional life in terms of software. First, thanks to my dad, Mustafa Yener, for buying me my first computer, a C64, at an early age while I was asking for slot cars. That computer is where I wrote my very first codes.

Second, thanks to my thesis advisor, Prof.

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Mahir Vardar, whom I owe all the early guidance I needed to start my career. Finally, thanks to my life-time mentor and friend also my ex-boss Naci Dai, who taught me almost anything I know about being a professional software developer. We approached writing this with the perspective that it should be the kind of book we would buy if we hadn t written it.

We have achieved that. However, this book would not have been possible without the dedication, patience, and understanding of the many others who have contributed directly and indirectly to its creation. We would like to acknowledge the contributions made by the dedicated and experienced team at Wiley Publishing. They have stuck with us through thick and thin and believed that it was all possible. We would like to give special thanks to Mary James, our acquisitions editor, whose support made this book a reality.

Thanks also to Adaobi Obi Tulton, whose patience and gentle nudges kept us on our toes and whose attention to detail saved us from tripping over ourselves. Thank you. They make up a foundational language that represents well understood solutions to common problems that talented engineers before us have added to our collective knowledge base. Design patterns or blueprints exist in every engineering field in one way or another. Software development is no different. Indeed, design patterns are probably our most tangible link to engineering rather than the more organic and less regimented world of the artisan or craftsman.

The art and science of design patterns was brought to the world of software engineering and more specifically to enterprise Java by the seminal Gang of Four GoF book. This is for very good reasons. Server-side Java developers tend to write the type of mission critical applications that need to stand the test of time and hence benefit the most from the discipline that design patterns represent. It really takes a special kind of person to write a book on design patterns, let alone a book on how to utilize design patterns in Java EE applications.

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You require not only basic knowledge of APIs and the patterns themselves, but deep insight that can only come with hard-earned experience, as well as an innate ability to explain complex concepts elegantly. This book fulfills a much needed gap and fills it well. Murat and Alex tackle each pattern, explain its pragmatic motivation, and discuss how it fits into Java EE. It is an honor and a privilege to write a small opening part of this very important book that I hope will become a very useful part of every good Java EE developer s bookshelf.

I hope you enjoy the book, and that it helps you write better, more satisfying enterprise Java applications. In every chapter we describe the traditional implementation of each pattern and then show how to implement it using Java EE specific semantics. We use full code examples to demonstrate both the traditional and Java EE implementations and color each chapter with real life stories that show the use or misuse of the pattern.

We investigate the pros and cons of each pattern and examine their usages. Each chapter finishes with some exercises that challenge your understanding of the pattern in Java EE. It covers almost everything about a pattern, from how it is referred to in other books, to code on basic Java implementation, to Java EE implementation, and finally real life examples of how and when to use a specific pattern. It also has real life war stories that talk about good and bad practices. Having some basic knowledge of design patterns and Java EE will aid you as you read this book.

If you are already experienced with patterns and basic Java implementations, you may prefer to jump into Java EE implementations. Refreshing your memory and knowledge of design patterns could prove helpful. We hope this book will be a reference you will keep on your shelf for a long time. If the pattern is classical, a simple Java implementation is given after the explanation of the pattern.

The war story is followed by a Java EE implementation, example, and explanation. Each code sample given can be run by itself. Finally, each chapter ends with when and how to use the pattern effectively. Take control of Windows 7 Unlock hidden settings Rev up your network Disable features you hate, for good Fine-tune User Account control Turbocharge online speed Master the taskbar and start button Customize.

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Professional Java EE Design Patterns is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to work more effectively with Java EE, and the only resource that covers both the theory and application of design patterns in solving real-world problems. The authors guide readers through both the fundamental and advanced features of Java EE 7, presenting patterns throughout, and demonstrating how they are used in day-to-day problem solving.

Written for the junior and experienced Java EE developer seeking to improve design quality and effectiveness, the book covers areas including:.

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