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Aug 15, Alex rated it it was ok Shelves: childrens. It's a darling book except for baby bear wanting to join the circus! I can almost not recommend it because of that. Jan 10, Shannon rated it really liked it Shelves: francis. Beautifully illustrated. The arrangement felt really random to me. Allie liked the monkey page, but otherwise didn't seem too impressed. Oct 18, Shellie Brown rated it it was amazing. Jan 01, Nathan rated it liked it. I enjoy Garth Williams artwork. Jan 30, Peacegal rated it it was ok.

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I'm sure I had this book as a child. That said, it is a dated book that I'd not be especially keen to read to the intended audience today. From a modern sensibility, I don't have much good to say about a book whose first line is "Baby Bear holds his toes. He wants to be a circus bear when he grows up.

He wants to make all the children laugh. May 09, Josiah rated it it was ok. The introductions to the various types of animals are done well, and the illustrations by the legendary Garth Williams are everything that I have come to expect from him. This book is actually the first one that I have read which was both written AND illustrated by Garth Williams, and it is a debut that I awaited with much interest for quite a long while. Each drawing of the animals is carefully rendered with beautiful precision in thought, perfectly allowing for the inherent glamor of the anim The introductions to the various types of animals are done well, and the illustrations by the legendary Garth Williams are everything that I have come to expect from him.

Each drawing of the animals is carefully rendered with beautiful precision in thought, perfectly allowing for the inherent glamor of the animal to shine through in unobscured clarity. This is a fine book selection for young readers, or fans of great illustrations and, in particular, for fans of Garth Williams.

Shelves: animals , children-s-books , i-own-a-copy , read , 5-stars , favorites , read-more-than-once. This is a good book to read to kids so that they can learn about baby animals and what they do. I always enjoyed this because the baby animals were so cute and loveable. The squirrel, Chipmunk, Kangaroo, Rabbit and the lion and tiger babies were my favorite in the book.

25+ Polar Baby Animals That Can Warm Your Heart Even in Extreme Cold

The illustrations were wonderful as well and colorful. Dec 04, Cornelius rated it really liked it Shelves: animal-books.

For a pre-k children, this book provide illustrations of baby animals and their survival in the wild. I would use this book to explain to children what different animals eat, how they survive from other animals, where they live, their characteristics, and illustrate what different animals look like. Dec 04, Nicole rated it liked it. Sep 09, Dee rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Any child.

It's exactly what it sounds like - lots of cute baby animal pictures, and the correct names for them as well it's cool when a little kid knows a baby goose is called a gosling, and other such facts, from an early age. Mar 12, Jaimee added it Shelves: childrens. This was so cute. May 20, Samira rated it really liked it. A childhood favorite. This is an excellent book children love it even before they have learned to reach out for things.

Apr 27, Danette rated it liked it Shelves: picture-books. Jun 28, C rated it liked it Shelves: reading-books-with-chloe.

By Merrill Perlman

Though she didn't pay too much attention, yet, she seemed to like the picture of the kangaroo a lot. Jun 29, Alisha Brook rated it liked it Shelves: still-to-review. A great childhood book. Oct 10, Danny rated it liked it Shelves: children-s , classics. Jan 02, Liesl rated it liked it Shelves: childrens , childhood-favorites , read-to-calvin , animals , little-golden-books , physical-copy.

Aww-some animals: Why do baby mammals melt our hearts?

Lovely illustrations, and I appreciate the wide range of animals included. I wish there was a little more to the story, though. Jul 04, GracieM rated it really liked it. One of my favorite books when I was a child. I would recommend this to my kids.

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  • Oct 10, Hannah Givens rated it really liked it Shelves: picture-book. A lovely little book for a read-aloud, with adorable pictures! Nov 01, Gwyn rated it really liked it Shelves: children. Even a baby elephant, which appears to have little in common with human babies physically, has a clumsy gait that perhaps reminds us of an unsteady toddler. Study after study has confirmed that humans prefer pictures of infants over those of grown-ups, and scientists at the University of Lincoln have calculated this strong drive becomes hardwired into us by the age of three.

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    Culture, too, backs up this preference, as abstract representations of the baby schema can be found all over the world in cartoons and toys. Research published in by German and American scientists found that both women and men seem to have an internal trigger that not only zooms in on cuteness but also prompts us to want to look after the creature in question — which suggests this is an evolutionary adaptation.

    Eloise Stark works in the psychiatry department at the University of Oxford, studying parent-child interactions, and she believes the mere sight of something cute leaves a big impression on our minds. The effect of this may be to approach the infant or cute animal, wanting to pick it up or look after it. Horses and cows can walk within hours of being born, for example, and cats and dogs reach maturity inside the space of months. Human babies, meanwhile, come into the world utterly helpless and remain dependent on their parents for many years.

    By plucking on our heartstrings, human babies are cleverly — if unknowingly — ensuring that they stay alive. Research Stark has co-authored found that babies reach out to all our senses — with their newborn smells and giggly laughs, for example — to help secure a caregiving response. This multisensory assault seems to draw in not just parents, but all potential carers, including siblings, grandparents and strangers. The cuteness activates the same brain mechanisms, regardless of whether the object is a baby, a puppy or an object.

    According to geneticist Adam Wilkins at Humboldt University in Berlin, the power of this mechanism is particularly clear when we look at our pets. Many generations of domestication have left household pets with very different features from their wild ancestors. They tend to be smaller, with shorter faces, smaller teeth and floppier ears.

    They have been bred to cater to our baby-loving demands, even if these infantile characteristics have had the unfortunate side effect of making the animals physically weaker. Another dark side to cuteness is where it leaves subjectively less attractive animals in the race for our affection. Top of the list comes the blobfish, which looks as though it has a permanent frown on its unappealingly slimy face.